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Northwest Coast Artifact Replica Jewelry. Traditional and original designs hand cast by Daniel Leen.

Daniel Leen sells his hand made jewelry and related Northwest Coast artwork (larger castings in bronze and casting resins) in person at Seattle's Pike Place Market - year around, usually on Sundays and Mondays, on "the bridge."

Call (206) 762 7277, email, or write Daniel at 1928 S. Graham St., Seattle, WA 98108 to order or for a personal appointment to view petroglyph rubbings.

This website project started out as a response to customers I meet at Pike Place Market. You can buy jewelry and other artwork I have done via the website (, but the rest of it ( kind of “snowplowed” into a major digital photo album. I hope the mailorder sales at least cover the digital rent. If not, you may end up looking for it on a web archive eventually. It has been a lot of work editing and organizing photos, but it should be fun to see if any of my customers enjoy the photos and commentary. If it helps anyone to develop a better appreciation of the world they live in (especially the Pacific Northwest) it will have been worth the hassle.

Daniel Leen
Seattle, March 2009


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