Tsagiglalal (large)
Design #C

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Tsagiglalal (large)

(she who watches)

3/4" x 1 3/16"

This face design is based on a series of fragmentary bone amulets from the lower Columbia river, often associated with cremation burials. Abstract geometric designs (common on the Columbia Plateau) seem to have been incorporated into a typical Northwest Coast face design, resulting in a unique example of a local style which is more complex than either adjacent style. A story in Sapir's Wishram Texts tells of Tsagiglalal being the last woman chief (a coastal culture trait) overthrown by Old Man Coyote (the Plateau trickster figure). The rough texture of the smaller piece is due to having carved it from volcanic rock with a dull Swiss Army knife. The larger design I carved out of deer bone to more closely approximate the prehistoric amulets that these two designs are based on.

Larger view.

My original carving. Material: deer leg bone.
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