Sun (large)
Design #N

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Sun (large)

1 3/8" DIA.

A matched pair with the moon, these designs were originally intended for earrings. The human figure in the “moon” is based on a rattle design which is part of a set of ritual artifacts collected by Marius Barbeau at the village of Gitlaxdamix on the Nass River. In my carving this "man in the moon" is holding a moon shaped rattle, but MacDonald suggests that the human figure may "represent a shaman flying through a round doorway (the sky door)..." which leads to the spirit world. The sun is a common crest figure on the coast, believed by the Nuxalk (Bella Coola) to control the destinies of all mortals according to McIlwraith’s The Bella Coola Indians.

Larger view.

My original carvings. Material: pipestone.
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When ordering please specify:

Faux ivory = IVR
Faux Argillite = ARG
Faux pipestone = PIP
Cobalt blue = BLU
Powdered bronze = BR

Painted color
Red Ocher

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