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Hi, I’m Daniel Leen and I sell jewelry and related Northwest Coast art at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. If you met me there, you probably also have the brochure that tells a little bit about each design and how I make them. Here you can see them in color, with the same explanatory notes. I can accept credit cards at the market, but by mail you should send a check . Sometimes I am away from Seattle and Pike Place Market for a week or two so I always recommend that you email me. Then I can confirm the order and can usually have the piece(s) ready to mail by the time the check arrives. If emailing is inconvenient, give me a call or write me a letter, depending on how much of a hurry you are in.

I always encourage people to visit my “booth” at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, as it gives them an opportunity to see the jewelry in a range of colors. It is true that Seattle during the “winter” (AKA the grey season) lacks the natural lighting that makes the jewelry look its best, but there is no substitute for seeing the jewelry on the table. Here on the website the notes on each design are virtually identical to those on the brochure that I include with each purchase. At the Market, I enjoy meeting my customers in person, and can often explain a bit more about the symbolism of a particular design. Because I don’t have a high overhead there, the jewelry prices will always be slightly less on the table; I know the customer is getting exactly what they want, and I don’t have to package it up and drive down to the post office to get it in the mail. In galleries, the prices are going to be the same as the website, or higher. I have been selling Northwest Coast art and jewelry at Pike Place Market for a bit over 20 years, and hope to be there for quite a few more.

Order Form
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Price List
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When ordering please specify:

Faux ivory = IVR
Faux Argillite = ARG
Faux pipestone = PIP
Cobalt blue = BLU
Powdered bronze = BR

Painted color
Red Ocher

Keychain charm
Zipper toggle

Sample color combinations

For custom work, please send me an email.

Please make checks payable to:


Mail check and order form to:

Daniel Leen
1928 S. Graham St.
Seattle, WA 98108-2961

206 762 7277

Daniel sells his hand made jewelry and related Northwest Coast artwork (larger castings in bronze and petroglyph rubbings on cotton cloth) in person, at Seattle’s Pike Place Market-- year around, usually on Sundays and Mondays, on “the bridge”. Call 206 762 7277, email thedanielleen@gmail.com, or write Daniel at 1928 S. Graham St., Seattle, WA 98108 to order or for a personal appointment to view petroglyph rubbings.